Sof-li Handmade Soap & Body ButterSof-li Handmade Soap & Body Butter

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It's time to feel soft & feminine again.

Sof-li handmade bar soaps are true soaps with glorious fragrances. They contain a high percentage of natural glycerin from healthy oils, something you won't find in the "big name" detergent soaps, making Sof-li bar soaps truly moisturizing. Our soaps rinse clean, last longer and they won't strip your skin of its natural oils. Our soaps are made using the cold process method which retains all the naturally occurring nutrients and moisturizers. We don't use a host of detergents and chemicals like the soaps you'll find on most store shelves. Sof-li soaps are hand molded, hand cut and then allowed to age for at least thirty days which results in a long lasting, mellow, mindfully made bar of soap sure to please. End dry, itchy skin! Skin dryness has many causes. Winter, long hot showers (love 'em), scrubbing too hard, illness, irritants in clothing and products, skin drying cleansers and last but not least, aging. Sof-li natural moisturizing soap contain only oils known to be extremely compatible and beneficial for the human body. The fragrances will lift your spirits and your skin will be replenished. You can have soft, supple skin again.